What I sew in August 2022

Having a break from university for me simply means having time for life and hobby again, only for two weeks, so I won’t get too excited, but still one week more than the usual amount of break I get. Usually, I’d spend the week catching up with my life and seeing some friends, but this time I prioritised myself and rest, which meant making more time for sewing.

In this blog post, I intend to share everything I’ve been sewing throughout August. Thinking about it, I’ve been super productive in the sewing department and not too much in other life departments. But it’s fine; my favourite sentence in situations like this is that it is a problem for tomorrow.

Baby Rompers

Baby rompers aren’t something I can make on every occasion. I only make it when friends have a newborn on the way. The first time I made this was in 2019 when my best friend in Thailand had her baby. I remember I intended to make two of the rompers for her newborn, but Royal Mail being Royal Mail, the parcel was lost, and 3 months later, my friend still hadn’t received her parcel, which meant I made two rompers for her again and shipped it once more. The second time, Royal Mail delivered. The rompers you’re seeing now are not my first time made; they’re my fifth and sixth rompers; while I was sewing them, I realised the mistake I made when I made my first four!

Purple Checkers Halter Top

I made two halter tops but only managed to take a picture of one. I didn’t manage to take a picture of the other halter top made in a lemon print cotton fabric. To this day, I still haven’t worn the lemon print halter top yet! This was my first time making the halter top, I thought the pattern was pretty simple to follow, although I needed to message the seller on Etsy for some clarity.

Upcycled Denim Corset

I made this for the first time using my old denim skirt that I could no longer wear and a Zara jacket which was too long, so I turned crop’s leftover fabric. I am pretty pleased with the outcome of this upcycled denim corset! As per the guide, I bought a white bias tape without thinking about the colour of the fabric I used, so I had already sewn it to the edges. After leaving it for a few days, it still didn’t sit right with me, so I undid the stitches (it took two hours!) and re-sewn it with a blue bias tape, and I love the outcome of it. I’m glad I decided to do that.