We Rehomed a Cat!

In my January reflection, I shared about our plan to move and how we will be getting a pet while we’re at it. We made the extra effort to look for a pet-friendly home.

Fast forward to today, we have the most loving cat living with us, Dumpling. He is a British Shorthair Silver Tabby Classic, 11 months old when we rehomed him.

The Dumpling we rehomed wasn’t supposed to be the Dumpling we were supposed to have. I was on a waiting list with a breeder and some weird situation happened and I thought I do not want to support that kind of behavior.

After having done some research and understanding that it may take up to 2 years or more for legitimate breeders to get down their queue and accommodate me for a cat, I found one that I did not have to wait for too long. When we found that listing, the cat was going to cost us £1,095 which was fine. After the cat gave birth and I went back to the listing to reserve on the website, she increased the price up to £1,495 and did not inform us. If she told us reasons etc then I would have been fine with it. I asked her why she increased the price and she said other breeders are charging more. To my understanding, breeders who were charging more offer microchips and have their cats registered but this breeder wasn’t going to have the cat microchipped nor registered. I flagged it with her and she never answered. It was never my plan to support greedy breeders like that. 

I then continued my search day to night, and to my luck, Dumpling, an 11 month old British Shorthair Silver Tabby is looking for a new home. I reached out to the previous owner to ask why they were rehoming him etc and it was because their other cats gave birth so they can no longer have Dumpling. It is easier for the older cat to leave the house than to have the newborn kittens leave its mother.

For spam cute content, please follow Dumpling’s personal Instagram account.

Everything happens for a reason and now we have Dumpling living here with us since Friday 5th March 2021!