Recipes to try for Signature Blend Nº 1 Coffee Beans

I’ve been trying a few coffee beans now while catching up with writing all my reviews. From the least bitter to some of the most bitter coffee I’ve ever made. This process has made me realise I enjoy my coffee just good; not too sweet and not too bitter but gives me that kick of coffee energy for me to power through my day. Of all the coffee beans I’ve tried so far, RAVE’s Signature Blend Nº 1 coffee beans is my current favourite – I found my favourite recipe too soon, which made me stick to one recipe – so it’s in my plans to repurchase RAVE’s Signature Blend Nº 1 coffee beans so I can try more recipes, then I should update this blog post as soon as I’ve tried more.


Coffee beansGrind settingMilkMilk temperatureBrew settingBrew timeRating
10 grams8Oat milk65ºDouble shot – 30 seconds4 seconds⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
10 grams10Oat milk65ºDouble shot – 30 seconds4 seconds⭐⭐⭐

Have you tried coffee beans from RAVE before? Let me know which ones you’ve tried and like!