Learning to Drive at 26

his is embarrassing to write, but I am writing it anyway.

All of my friends at my age have been driving for nearly a decade of their lives now, while here I am, only just starting to learn to drive at 26. My goal is to be able to drive before my 27th Birthday.

Note to self: deadline for learning to drive is 13th July 2022

Finally, this is happening. I am learning to drive again. I was nervous. But I want to get it done so I can scream from the top of my balcony that I can finally drive.

I first started learning to drive when I was at university. In my final year, the goal was so that I could drive when I graduate. The experience wasn’t quite bliss, so towards the end of the 30 hours, I gave up on learning to drive for the next few years until this week, which is two years later. I have started learning to drive again yesterday and I actually enjoyed it this time!

I had a car accident as a child, so learning to drive has always been a nerve-wracking idea for me. On the other hand, I knew that to be more independent, I needed to know how to drive when the time came for me to drive somewhere.

With so much anxiety building up inside of me, I know better things are awaiting ahead. I imagine having my own car, going on weekend trips with my friends, driving myself to buy craft supplies when I need it rather than relying on my partner, taking Dumpling to his vet appointments. Imagine that independence. It sounds great. With all that, my anxiety can step aside while the future me may take the lead.

One thing to take away from this is that anxiety and fear often form in our heads that doesn’t genuinely exist. Allow yourself to feel and understand it and then let your future self take the lead. I must say I dare to do more than I used to these days because of a book called Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.

P.S. I have mapped out all my lessons, theory exam studies and booked for the theory test early next year. It is going so well so far, and I have been enjoying studying. Wish me luck for the actual test!

When did you start learning to drive? Do you have any tips for a newbie like me 😛