LASEK laser eye surgery diaries: The backstory

I’d like to have laser eye surgery, and since researching the process and learning other people’s experiences have helped me tremendously in terms of calming my anxiety, I’d like to document my own experience for the sake of being able to look back on my journey to perfect vision, while also hoping some others who are considering the process might find it helpful. With that said, hello and welcome to the first LASEK laser eye surgery diaries series.

Was thinking about doing something to my eyes without researching the process yet sounds scary? Hell yes.

But has the idea been on my mind for over a year? Hell yes.

One fine evening I was casually scrolling TikTok only for the Optical Express ads to be presented to me, and of course, seeing the words “free consultation” as the keyword made me think that I’ve got nothing to lose since I’m not even paying for the consultation, I should at least get an idea of the process to see if this is something I’d consider doing rather than leaving the thought untouched. I can always say no if I don’t want to proceed with it.

I booked a consultation with Optical Express in Milton Keynes.

Nearer the time, I rescheduled the consultation as I was still feeling nervous about it (even though it was a consultation).

As much as I would like to cancel the rescheduled consultation, I couldn’t anymore. It would be my second time.

The backstory

Unlike many others who were recommended LASEK surgery and went ahead with the procedure, I never had to wear glasses since I was as young as 10 or below the age of 20. My eyes were good enough to survive without having to wear glasses until after COVID-19, where I went to London for the first time to see my friend and realised I couldn’t see the train times on the board at Euston. I felt doomed thinking that was the beginning of the rest of my life. Technically speaking, I started having to wear them when I was in high school but I just never did. Imagine not having to wear glasses and suddenly having to wear it in high school – the time in life when kids are just the nastiest. Of course, I didn’t wear it even though I knew I should be wearing it.

Documenting my LASEK eye surgery journey

If you’ve found this blog post, it might be because you’re either a friend who sometimes visits me on this blog or someone who found me because you’re looking for those who went through this experience because you’re considering one yourself. I hope that by the time you find this, I will have documented most of my journey so you can read about my personal experience.

What’s next?