LASEK laser eye surgery diaries: Surgery day

Hello and welcome back to my LASEK laser eye surgery diaries series. This is my ninth entry, so if you’d like to start from the beginning, visit “LASEK laser eye surgery diaries: The backstory”.

Waiting for the surgery

  • my appointment was at 11:40am but didn’t get to do mine until 2pm
  • Bring a notebook and pen because you’ll need to write all instructions down. They claim all info its on the leaflet, no its not. This will be helpful for the person who’s helping you with the eye drops
  • The waiting room was FULL, the employee didn’t offer me a seat but a kind gentleman did

The procedure

  • was in the room what feels like 5-10 mins max
  • The procedure itself was 1 minute max for both eyes

After the procedure

  • As soon as I got home, the anestetic wore off so I started feeling everything
  • Took paracetamol and tried to go to sleep
  • Tears were flowing nonstop
  • The pain is like something was chopping onions on to my eyes, or gently rubbing sandpaper on it – it’s manageable, not too bad, apart from tearing help helplessly
  • Eyes were closed all day
  • Stayed in the dark room as was very sensitive to lights
  • Had dinner in the dark
  • Took eye drops 4 hours after
  • I’ve prepared a printed sheet in advance to keep track of everything I should be taking, download here and input your own dates