LASEK laser eye surgery diaries: Second dry eyes follow-up consultation

Hello and welcome back to my LASEK laser eye surgery diaries series. This is my sixth entry, so if you’d like to start from the beginning, visit “LASEK laser eye surgery diaries: The backstory”.

Preparing for the second dry eyes follow-up consultation with an optometrist

In my last blog post LASEK laser eye surgery diaries: Dry eyes follow-up consultation, I shared that I was given drops to help me with my dry eyes I never knew I had. I have been using it since the 19th of April 2024, 22 days between the second follow-up.

During the consultation, I was told that my eyes were still dry and that I needed to come back for another appointment a week before the surgery to check up on my progress. My eyes were apparently at .1 and it would be good to get it to .35. I don’t know what that meant but I was nervous about what I was told as I was afraid I could no longer do the surgery so I zoned out for a bit. I should have asked.

The appointment lasted for about 15 minutes, the optometrist checked my eyes, told me that my eyes were still dry, gave me more tear eye drops and sent me on my way. Later that same day Optical Express called me to book in for a final dry eye check-up appointment for the week before the surgery.

Nervous about not being able to proceed due to my dry eyes

After the consultation, I was driven home by my partner, and I kept thinking about my dry eyes and what I was told about it. I should have asked what .1 and .35 mean as that means absolutely nothing to me. I would be thinking about this all night if I didn’t ask so I decided to call Optical Express’s customer care. I was then forwarded to an optometrist who was on call. Speaking to him had put my mind at ease and he even offered to call me back the next day once he had my record in front of him. On the call, he reassured me about how the methods I was recommended this time should help me prepare for the surgery. I’ll share more about the methods later in this blog post.

The phone call with an optometrist the day after

When he called me, he had my record in front of him and said he saw no issues. He thinks that the eye drops will only prepare me for recovery but he did give me some tips to help me with dry eye issues:

  • Eye drops: I’m currently on this drop x6 a day, and he mentioned that as I won’t overdose on this, I could use it once an hour if I wanted to
  • Computer screens: Take regular breaks from the screen and drink plenty of water throughout the day to hydrate myself
  • Vitamins: Take Omega 3
  • Warm eye masks (I bought this): Use it for 10 minutes, twice a day, followed by a 2 minutes massage

He also explained the meaning of.1 and.35 on the call because I was freaking out because I didn’t know what those numbers meant. These numbers represent the amount of tears my eyes can collect (like a bucket full of water after a rain). And he confirmed that there shouldn’t be any issues with my surgery date and ultimately it’ll always be the surgeon that has the final say.

What’s next?