LASEK laser eye surgery diaries: Dry eyes follow-up consultation

Hello and welcome back to my LASEK laser eye surgery diaries series. This is my fourth entry, so if you’d like to start from the beginning, visit “LASEK laser eye surgery diaries: The backstory”.

A couple of days before the dry eyes follow-up consultation

Well, I thought I’d be at a stage where I was waiting to meet the surgeon day at this point. Boy, I was so wrong. I was reading the terms and conditions and had some questions for them to clarify. Here’s what I learnt:

  • I was given the older version of the terms and conditions; I need to make sure I signed the later one because the difference is that your aftercare consultations will be available for a year, and the older version is just 3 months;
  • I know I have dry eyes as I was told at my first consultation that I’ll be given eye drops to use a couple of weeks before the surgery. After paying a deposit, I wasn’t given any information on this, but when I called to ask questions about the consultation, I was asked if I was free in a couple of days for a follow-up consultation. Of course, I said yes. But I also thought – what if I didn’t bring this up?

My GP appointment a day before the consultation

Because I haven’t needed support with my mental health since pre-2019, my GP no longer has a record of it, meaning ……….., awaiting a response back from Optical Express. As soon as I returned from my GP, I tried contacting the Optical Express customer care department which I was in close contact with pre-deposit. Since I paid the deposit, I noticed how much harder it was for me to get hold of any of them, so I sent my dedicated customer care person an email stating my concern, what I’ve observed, and how I hope this isn’t a reflection of the aftercare at Optical Express.

The dry eyes follow-up consultation

Upon booking this call, the customer care consultant told me that I’d be waiting for about 30 minutes, so I asked if you knew things were going to be delayed, can you please book me in for a time that you know there can’t be delays? It’s unproductive for me to wait that long. Frustratingly on the day, they were 35 minutes delayed but I was chatting to someone who was interviewing for the site manager job (fingers crossed he gets the job), and someone who had recently had a LASIK surgery.

Then my name was called…

The first thing that the optometrist told me was that I’d have to come back for another consultation because I should have been given eye drops, so there’s no value in this consultation that I just attended. Wonderful.

Finally getting the eye drops to be reviewed at the next consultation

These were the eye drops I was given to apply, at least 4 times a day and ideally 6 times a day. A follow-up appointment has also been booked for the 10th of May 2024, at 13:00. And my surgery day is on the 28th May 2024.

What’s next?