LASEK laser eye surgery diaries: Day 1 post surgery

Hello and welcome back to my LASEK laser eye surgery diaries series. This is my tenth entry, so if you’d like to start from the beginning, visit “LASEK laser eye surgery diaries: The backstory”.

  • Didn’t feel much pain as the first day, was able to open my eyes a bit more but things were still blurry
  • Expected phone call from surgeon but received a call from an optometrist instead – asked about how I’m feeling and reassured me that everything I’m going through is normal. Told me to expect pain for the next 48 hours – but honestly no pain…
  • Didn’t call until 4pm, I thought they were going to call in the morning so would have been nice since I didn’t want to leave my phone on loud as I couldn’t look at my phone
  • Following eye drops sheet – link to attachment for download.
  • Could not read, could not see, blurry vision, listened to podcast and audio book all day

What’s next?