A reflection of 2020

at a year it has been. If I were to describe this year in one word it would be ‘eye-opening’. Having so much more spare time in my hands gave me a lot of time for reflection and helped me face a lot of things that I would usually avoid or the things that I would just usually brush off, as we do. Below are the things I reflected on particularly because it was either a highlight or something that has always been on my mind. I feel like 2020 was the year where we face the bs and actually move on from it. But before we can move on from it, we have to acknowledge it so we can know what we can move on from. Here is to the same old Bolly but the one without a bs in 2021.


As I grow older, I started to learn that friends that I have would eventually start to walk different directions to me, perhaps there are changes in priorities. 2020 has been the year where I am seeing some true colours. Friendship is a two way street, not a one way street, but this year is the year I realised which one was a one way street, all from my end. If someone were to make a relationship work, they’d put in the effort too but I have had enough with ones where I consistently try and they consistently avoid (there are only so many times one can try). I’ll take that as a hint that it is my queue to walk away from such relationships that has clearly come to an end.

All that being said, I am grateful for all the friends that reached out, that kept in touch, and new friendships that I made in 2020. Who would have thought we could make new friends in lockdown, thank you internet.

Starting a business: @CraftologybyBolly

In March 2020, the government in the UK announced that we had to go on a national lockdown and for those who could start working from home, we had to be working from home. Fun fact, now we’re on our third national lockdown.

With so much time in my hand as I no longer had to commute to work, in June 2020, I started a business (Craftology by Bolly) because I picked up a new hobby – sewing. I started selling hand-sewn face masks and headbands. Starting a business was very fun for me, the more I am in it, the more excited I get about things (I love to keep myself busy and starting a business has definitely done the job). In August 2020, I started introducing polymer clay earrings and I was very excited by it as the possibilities to create cute accessories in different designs are endless. I am excited to introduce more wearable art months after months.

In February, I’ll be reintroducing headbands again, this time, a different type. Be the first to know by following Craftology by Bolly.

Getting a new job at a fintech firm

While I was grateful for my old job, I knew that I needed to move on. I know a lot of people would say why would you change a job during COVID but I see this very differently. COVID is just another thing that happened to us and we have to find a way to work around it so it doesn’t stop us from achieving our goals. We have to learn to live with it.

Just because the world is going through a weird challenging time doesn’t mean you have to put all your dreams on pause, the dream goes on baby.

Getting new tattoos

To me, a tattoo is a form of self-expression. To others, they may not think the same as me, some would often link tattoos to violent and crimes. In 2020, I got two new tattoos, one was a cover-up and one is fresh on my arm. I am planning on sharing all the tattoos I have soon and the meaning behind it. Watch this space.

Learning new skills

As a personal development junkie, I am constantly looking to better my knowledge in areas that I am curious about. Apart from learning to sew and learning to make earrings during the lockdown, I’ve been learning to better my skills at Adobe Illustrator and Illustrating on ProCreate (mainly drawing). I was recently invited to participate in an exciting project which I can hopefully share about soon (this involves illustrating!).

Getting into the routine for blogging

I am very excited to be blogging again for personal reasons without thinking about the technicals (because enough of that at work). I have been working on a content plan, no niche, nothing to focus on, just purely lifestyle content and or thought pieces that I have been longing to cover as well as creative projects that I have been working on.

Since I just started this blog, I am still trying to get into the routine of writing and interacting with other blogs that I follow. If you have a suggestion of cosy lifestyle blogs I can read, please feel free to share it with me in the comment.

Feeling grounded in my body

Being surrounded by social media, we are constantly being told the criteria of what beautiful looks like. To be very honest, I am not really confident with that idea or concept. To me, everyone is beautiful in their own ways but it sucks that the media tell us otherwise. I want to spend this year looking after my body internally and externally while also loving it.

Having balance

Balance is definitely a huge theme for me this year. Having enough time between work, play and rest is very important because this should help me avoid any burnout. I have always been the one known for working nonstop and giving myself no rest, eventually, I experience a burnout. With my mind being so active, it is impossible. This year I’d like to make sure I schedule in rest daily. I am sure it will be difficult at first but definitely something I can get used to.

Learning to drive

This year I’ll be turning 26 in July and I am the oldest person I know that still cannot drive. This year I’d like to make an effort and start learning to drive. Since my work contract is now based from home, I am saving so much time. The reason I want to learn to drive is that I really want to stop relying on my partner to drive me everywhere. I also don’t really like relying on other people when I can easily do something myself.